The Mass Intentions Scheduling & Tracking Software (MIST) enables the EASY computer entry, automatic and manual scheduling and tracking of all Mass intentions even at multiple worship sites including Parish clusters. The paper-based Mass Calendar may be replaced by a single, up-to-date, multi-location, flexible Mass Calendar database that can be shared by all designated staff from their own computers. MIST is full-featured, and purpose-built software for managing all of your Mass Intention needs.


The price for the software package is $395.00 for the first computer, and $95 for each additional computer. A “view only” version is also available. And there are no subscription fees or after purchase fees for licensing or support.

The purchase price includes at no added cost-

· Preparing the software for your Parish, Mass schedule, bulletin, locations, celebrants, staff and other needs. So you can start using MIST as soon as it’s installed.

· Assisting you in setting up your software on your computers and servers.

· Training staff using remote assistance sessions.

· Free remote assistance, telephone and email support for the life of the product.

Please review these sample data entry forms and reports. Please review the User’s Guide.


Obtain a no obligation full-featured “demo version of the MIST software to review on your own computer.

Please review the purchase process. Here are some of our MIST user’s comments.

You may have special needs that require customization of the MIST software. We can offer this to each parish. It’s possible for you to request changes to your software if, as and when needed, before, during and after installation.


Mass Intentions Scheduling & Tracking Software

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Sample Forms & Reports

Request a Demo

MIST Users




· Single and multi-user data access.

· Customizable to your needs; each buyer has their own version.

· Organizes all worship sites including parish clusters within one Mass Calendar.

· Automatic and manual Intention scheduling.

· Collect Donation payment details and print Receipts.

· Print Intention Confirmations/Receipts. Bilingual versions can be requested.

· Supports Multiple Intentions per Mass.

· Supports Intentions placed On Hold.

· Supports Unannounced/Private Mass Intentions

· Intention/Requestor scheduling restrictions can be requested.

· Use Requestor’s preferences in Intention scheduling: Mass Date & Time, Date, Time, Day, Language, Celebrant or Location.

· Easy rescheduling or deletion of Intentions.

· Search on any Intention request field.

· Filter Intention requests by Intention, Requestor or status: Donation, Scheduling, Notification and Celebration. Print results as lists.

· Flexible Mass schedule changes.

· Insertion of extra Masses (weddings, funerals, holy days, etc.) as needed.

· Supports donations for entities other than Intentions, ie Sanctuary Lights, Altar Flowers,   and any others.

· User defined deceased Indicators or as you specify.

· User defined (up to 3) languages for letter and email notifications.

· Automatic Requestor notifications by letter or email.

· View and print the Mass Calendar and Intention Requests using dates and

· Print the weekly Mass schedule and Intentions. Copy/Paste into your Bulletin customized to match your layout.

· Financial Reporting: Print total counts & donations for: Beginning of month; Received during the month; Celebrated during the month; and Waiting to be Celebrated at the end of month. The donation amounts and counts can be broken out by Location and Celebrant. Calculate stipends and report bination counts and amounts using your formulas.

· Manage Prayer Requests (memorials and others).

· Manage Liturgical Ministries.

· And more...

· Increased staff productivity.

· Reduce misspelled names and parishioner complaints.

· Instant intention scheduling and rescheduling; reduce skipped Masses.

· Automated donation receipt tracking and reporting.

· Reduced keying errors and intention request search times.

· Secured parishioner data.

· Professional looking correspondence.

· Multiple language notifications by letter or email.

· Improved parishioner relations and communications.

· Replacement of the paper Mass Calendar is your choice.

· Access to Intention request data at each staff’s computer.

· Self-maintaining lookup tables to reduce workload and errors.

· Low cost solution without additional hardware/software requirements.

· Customization available at reasonable rates.

· One-time cost without on-going maintenance, support or licensing fees.

· Each buyer’s software is custom tailored to meet there needs; allowing for enhancements and customization as needed; when requested.

· And more...